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Personal Savings

Let’s put your money to work and build the future you’ve always wanted. Secure your tomorrow, 
start saving today!

Choice Money Market

Keep an eye on your money with multiple rate tiers and providing premium interest rates, the account could just be right for you.

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Super Savers for Minors

It’s never too early to start saving, so why wait? Help your kids or grandkids start building healthy financial habits today.

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Certificate of Deposit (CD)

Your financial goals are unique and so are our CDs. Unlock the full potential of your
savings with our CD option.

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Individual Retirement Account

Embark on the journey towards a secure and fulfilling retirement with our IRA. Tailored to meet your unique financial aspirations.

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Health Savings Account

Empower your health, wealth, and well-being with an HSA. Investing in a healthier future!

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A digital piggy bank in your pocket.
Set a goal and see your
savings grow.

Greenpath Financial Wellness

Free financial resources.

Wealth Management

We offer four areas of expertise: investing, lending, banking and trust services.