ATTN: Our offices will be closed next week, Saturday, July 27, for an employee event. Our website, ATMs, online, and mobile banking will be available for your convenience. We will resume normal business hours on Monday, July 29.


Personal Wealth

Bringing intention to your life

At ChoiceOne Wealth, we work with families to articulate, develop and meet your family goals. By working with our experienced, nimble and responsive team members, we help you create a comprehensive financial plan to ensure your goals are consistently met. Our wealth teams offer four areas of expertise: investing, lending, banking and trust services. Our experts allow your family to focus on the goals you have set for your life, family and community.

Institutional Wealth

Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive wealth management services with a focus on risk mitigation and regulatory compliance. This is crucial in the financial industry, where navigating risks and adhering to regulatory standards are paramount for the success and trust of clients.
A collaborative approach, as you mentioned, is essential for understanding the specific needs and objectives of each client. This allows for the customization of services to meet individual requirements, ultimately leading to more effective wealth management.

Meet Our
Wealth Team