Business Loan

Autobooks is a third party that we offer right through our online banking. It allows you to send invoices to customers, as well as receive payments on those invoices.

This is great for small businesses as it is an automated solution that supports growth of the businesses. This provides a trusted online source that can help manager customer accounts and accelerate cash flow.

To learn more about Autobooks, or to sign up for a free demo contact our customer service center at 888.775.6687.

The Available Balance will reflect any items that have been presented for payment on the account, please note that additional items are able to be withdrawn from the account throughout the business day. The Current Balance will reflect the balance that the account was at on the prior day.

Once you’ve successfully logged in choose Bill Pay, look for My Account, choose Pay from accounts, next click Add account.

Next you must enter an account nickname and enter the account number twice to verify, then you choose the account type and submit the information.

Review the information and submit, if everything is complete you will see an “account successfully added” message display. Please allow up to three business days for processing.

Yes, there is secure messaging through the online banking. Right from the online banking homepage you can send a secure message to one of our Customer Service Representatives. You can expect a response back within 3 business days.

If you experience any issues with your check scanner please contact our Cash Management Team at 616-887-2332.