Our offices will be closed Monday, May 27, in observation of Memorial Day. Our website, ATMs, online, and mobile banking will be available for your convenience. We will resume normal business hours on Tuesday, May 28.

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Treasury Management

With our feature-rich Treasury Management system, you'll have visibility and control over your financial accounts. Our intuitive interface allows for seamless access to perform essential tasks like:

  • Transferring funds between accounts with just a few clicks
  • Sending ACH and wire payments securely and reliably
  • Leveraging positive pay to safeguard your accounts from potential fraud

Beyond daily tasks, the system provides tools to help you better understand cash flows, expenses, and other key performance indicators over time. Custom dashboards can be tailored specifically to the needs of your users and roles. Comprehensive security protocols ensure your data and transactions remain safe. And with fast speeds, your finance team gains greater autonomy and productivity when managing accounts.

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Payment Acceptance

Managing payments is a vital but often complex part of running a successful business. To provide customers with seamless and secure payment options while also optimizing internal processing efficiencies, it is important for businesses to stay well-informed of emerging payment technologies. There are several key tasks businesses need to focus on to meet the payment needs of their customers:

  • Enabling remote deposit of checks through desktop and mobile applications for flexibility. This allows businesses to scan and deposit checks electronically without visiting a bank branch
  • Accepting both online and in-person payments securely through supported credit and debit card networks
  • Outsourcing paper invoice and payment processing to reduce in-house workloads. Lockbox services efficiently handle high volumes of mailed transactions
  • Integrating payment processing with accounting software for automated reconciliation and seamless transactions posting

By focusing on these key tasks, businesses can optimize their payment operations, enhance the customer experience, and set themselves up for continued growth in today's digital economy.