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Due to weather conditions causing power outages, both our Egelston and Ravenna branches are CLOSED today. Our Norton branch is Drive-Up ONLY.

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Personal FAQs

We have ChoiceOne locations in both West and East Michigan. Find a branch closest to you! 

If you need to change your phone banking pin number, you can call 800.887.8282 and follow the prompts to option 4 (Change PIN). 

If you cannot remember your pin number, you can call us at 888.775.6687 and we can reset that for you as well 

Contact your employer's HR or payroll department, simply provide them with ChoiceOne Bank's Routing/ABA number, 072408436, and your full account number.

Your account number can be viewed in online or mobile banking. Or contact Customer Service, toll free at 888.775.6687 and a representative will be happy to assist you! 

To add someone, you will need to come into a branch with the additional party you are adding to the account. We will need a copy of their driver’s license and full social security number to be able to complete this process. We are unable to remove an individual from an account unless the person is deceased with a copy of a death certificate. We do have the option to close the account if the individual is not deceased and open a new account with whomever needs to be listed. 

You do have the option to make a deposit at a ChoiceOne Bank ATM into your ChoiceOne accounts. At all of our ATMs, you can also inquire on your balances, transfer funds, and withdrawal money. Find an ATM near you! 

If your check is drawn on ChoiceOne Bank we can cash it for you. 

We cannot cash any checks that are not drawn off ChoiceOne Bank.
If the check is over $250.00 there is a $4.00 fee. You will need a government issued photo ID. 

Want to avoid check cashing fees? Open an account today! 

Yes, you can order checks online at You can also contact our Customer Service Center toll free at 888.775.6687 and a representative will be glad to assist you with placing the order. 

The checks will arrive in approximately 7-10 business days. 

The cost of the checks will be automatically debited from your account at the time that they are shipped. 

You can close an account by coming into the branch or calling us on 888.775.6687. 

Deposit Accounts

Yes, you are able to open single ownership checking and savings accounts online. At the top of the website there is a tab that says "Open/Apply". Through this tab you are able to open your account. This option is available to both current and new customers. To open an account, click here to start the process which may take 1 to 2 business days. 

This type of account is created to make healthcare more affordable. The funds in this account are used to help individuals with high deductibles. HSAs are tax-advantaged ways you can save money and pay for health care. Keep your HSA even if you change jobs, medical coverage, marital status, or relocate. Our HSA will allow you to pay for qualified medical expenses using a variety of methods such as a debit card, checks, Bill Pay, or ACH transactions. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that only qualified transactions are paid for with the account.

Yes, we offer something called a Start Fresh Secure Loan. This loan is in place to help customers build and establish credit. It is targeted for people who have very little or no credit history. You set up bi-weekly payments into a CD account, that will reach $500 after a year. At that time, you have one year of established credit history, and you get the $500 given back to you.  

Plinqit is a smart savings tool, customized to fit your needs. It allows you to: 

  • Securely link your account to your financial institution checking account. 
  • Set up to 5 savings goals. 
  • Set aside small amounts regularly, or on a schedule you choose to help you save money. 
  • You can earn free money towards your savings goal by referring friends and family to use Plinqit. You are rewarded for completing your savings goal. You can also earn money watching videos and reading articles to learn about savings. 


Debit Cards

Yes, ChoiceOne debit cards can be registered for a mobile wallet. Mobile wallet services are offered for: 

  • Apple Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Google Pay


Yes, you can use your ChoiceOne Bank debit card while traveling. Please be sure to let us know your travel plans so we can prevent any declines related to the card being used outside of its normal pattern. You can notify us of your travel plans by sending a secure message through your online banking, stopping into a local branch, or call Customer Service, toll free, at 888.775.6687.  

You can also use the app to place a travel notice by clicking on the airplane. Notices should be set up the week prior to travel. 

You can report your debit card lost or stolen right through your online banking. From the navigation bar select “Settings & Cards” followed by the “ATM/Debit Card” tab. Click the Lost/Stolen check box next to the appropriate card. This can also be done through the Mobile App; select ‘Preferences’ from the drop-down menu, ‘Manage Cards’ and select the card you wish to change. When changing a card through the app you do have the ability to turn the card back on! You can stop in at any location or you may also contact Customer Service toll free at 888.775.6687. A representative will assist you with closing the debit card and ordering a new replacement card. 

Please contact Customer Service at 888.775.6687 or visit any of our convenient locations. This can also be done through digital banking messages. 

To reset the PIN, you must call 800-290-7893. The process will not take long, follow a few simple steps and your PIN will be reset. Once your pin is reset, your card is available for immediate use. 

This can be completed by: 

  • Sending a secure message through your online banking
  • Contacting our Customer Service Center toll free at 1-888-775-6687
  • Visiting any of our convenient locations.


A foreign ATM (non-ChoiceOne ATM) will incur a fee of $2.50 from ChoiceOne Bank. Also, the foreign ATM will disclose the amount of the fee from the machine, if you proceed with the transaction.