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Important Reminders

Our Treasury Management solution offers flexible options, including ACH, online domestic wires, and online international wires. Whether creating a direct deposit to pay your employees, collections from church parishioners, or paying for new product, Treasury Management offers a solution for you.

  • 11 a.m. Same Day ACH
  • 11 a.m. Positive Pay Exception Cutoff
  • 3 p.m. Bill Pay (After cutoff, payments are sent next day.)
  • 4 p.m. Domestic Wire Cutoff Time
  • 3:30 p.m. International Wire Cutoff Time
  • 4 p.m. ACH Cutoff
  • 5 p.m. Mobile Deposit Cutoff
  • 6 p.m. ATM Times
  • 8:30 p.m. Internal Transfer Cutoff

Transactions posted after these times may process on the next day’s business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business users should use Cash Manager found under the Classic Business Sign In to process ACH and Wires.

This will bring them into the Classic Online Banking experience.

ChoiceOne’s Money Manager lets users categorize transactions and add accounts from multiple institutions into a single view. It also includes data visualizations such as spending trends, budgets and net worth. You can find Money Manager on mobile under the flyout menu, labeled Money Manager.

Within Online Banking, you will find Money Manager by:

  1. Select an Account.
    Select an Account
  2. Press the Money Manager button.
    Press the Money Manager button
  3. Wait for the Money Manager interface to load.
    Wait for the Money Manager interface to load

Gives cardholders a variety of restriction and alert choices which strengthens fraud detection and prevention.

You can find this listed under the card within both the app and online.

  1. Select the Card.
    Select the Card
  2. Press Alerts and protection.
    Press Alerts and protection
  3. Adjust preferences to restrict or alert based on merchant types, transactions, and/or locations.
    Adjust preferences

Registration is completed in three easy steps:

  1. Choose the type of token from the list below.
  2. Install and run the desktop program, mobile app, or have the physical token ready.
  3. Log back in and select the 'Yes' button at the bottom of this page to register your token.

1. Choose your token

Desktop Token | A free program that is downloaded to your PC or Mac. It may be downloaded free of charge at:

Mobile App Token | A free mobile app for your smart phone or tablet. The app may be downloaded free of charge using your mobile phone at: iOS or Android. The app may also be found by searching keywords ‘VIP Access’ in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Physical Token | A tangible, transportable item that can be attached to a keychain. Contact us to place your order.

2. Install your token.

If you chose the desktop program or mobile app, run VIP Access. You should see a Credential ID (Serial Number) and a six digit Security Code.

If you chose the physical token, have it close by to register. The six digit Security Code is on the front and changes at the press of the button. The Credential ID (S/N) is found on the back.

3. Register your token

You are now ready to begin the registration process. Select 'Yes' to register your token.

ACH Limits can be requested via email on company letterhead from a signer on the business account to [email protected] or by sending a message using the online banking messaging option.

If approved, the increase can be made available within the same day.

Microsoft Internet Explorer no longer receives any feature updates and does not support modern web application security. All users are highly encouraged to switch to an alternate browser.

The latest version of most modern browsers are supported. You can view our full Browser Support Policy online.

Seasonal ACH Limits can be setup when a new or updated Treasury Management contract is signed.

Seasonal ACH Limits are a convenient way to adjust limits on a yearly basis due to seasonal workers or end-of-year bonuses that may go above your defined ACH limit.

Training Videos

Our Training Videos are designed for Treasury Management business customers. This includes those businesses that do online ACH, Wires, Positive Pay, and Business Bill Pay. We will walk you through how to use the products and familiarize you with how to use the system.

Our Services

Treasury Management

$2/batch; $0.12/item
Our Treasury Management solution offers flexible options, including ACH, online domestic wires, and online international wires.
  • ACH credits and debits
  • Import your own ACH or CSV files
  • Online domestic and international wires
  • Personalized support and consultation

Remote Deposit

Unlimited Items
As you process your daily tasks, save a trip to the bank by using our Remote Deposit Capture solution. Take advantage of being in control of when and where you make your deposits. Run reports of items processed.
  • Deposit checks at your desk
  • Run reports of deposits
  • Personalized support and consultation
  • In person setup and training

Positive Pay

Unlimited Items
Bad guys are clever. Protect your account with Positive Pay. Submit to us your check ledger, and we’ll send you a notice whenever we find a discrepancy of an item clearing. Prevent check fraud.
  • Import your own files
  • Quickly find checks missing from your ledger
  • Increase Security
  • Personalized support and consultation

Same Day ACH

Paying your employees or sending payments the same day should be painless. This solution is designed for small businesses who need to send funds the same day.
  • 10 am cutoff
  • Send funds same day
  • Never miss payroll again
  • Personalized support and consultation

Meet The Treasury Help Team

Our Treasury Help Team are experts on all online business features. They provide training, advice, and troubleshooting for all of your online banking needs.

If our Treasury Help Team does not readily know the answer, they will work with all needed parties to find the answer for you. They serve as your goto for all questions you may have. When you call, it rings a small and dedicated team to help you. There is no queue. There are no prompts to press 1. You will reach the team directly.

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