Analyzed Checking

The Analyzed Checking is a checking account that is primarily aimed at businesses with high transaction volumes and complex banking needs. Analyzed Checking accounts provide detailed reporting and analysis of account activity to help businesses manage their finances efficiently.

  • Treasury Services – $20/month will cover all accounts for a single entity and includes ACH and wires  
  • Additional ACH origination fee of; $2/batch; $0.12/item
  • Check Positive Pay - $20/month for first account, $10/month each additional account 
  • ACH Positive Pay - $20/month for first account, $10/month each additional account
  • Remote Capture: $40/month; $600/scanner; unlimited items. A single remote scanner can be used for multiple accounts
  • Mobile Deposit: $10/month; $.50/item; includes deposit access for multiple users
  • Lockbox Services: $175/month; $.50/item; wholesale and digital services