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Bill Pay FAQs

An eBill is an electronic billing option that some companies have that will allow you to connect your payee through Bill Pay to their billing system. 

This way when your bill is sent out, instead of having to view your bill and schedule your payment, you can view the ebill and/or have it automatically paid. 

If it is sent electronically you will want to schedule it 2 business days prior to the due date to ensure delivery. 

No, there is no additional cost to use Bill Pay for personal accounts. There is a fee for business accounts. 

Bill Pay allows you to receive and pay bills electronically to eliminate worries of bills and payments getting lost in the mail. There is an option to set up automatic recurring payments which allows you to avoid possible late fees. 

There are options to expedite a payment if desired, and in addition to that there is the option to stop a payment as well. These may incur a fee. Login to your online banking profile to start using Bill Pay today! 

Retail accounts have a $1,300 per transaction, $2,600 per day/company and $20,000 per day limit.

To set up a recurring payment, click the ‘make it recurring’ link located in the ‘actions’ column on the right-hand side of the screen. 

This will prompt you to set up the recurring payment details. 

You will select the pay from the account, payment amount, and frequency for your payments to be automatically scheduled. 

All payments go through a fund's verification process, therefore any payment that passes the funds verification will be processed at that time and are unable to be stopped. Payments process at 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. EST

If your payee has the option to sign up for the eBill service, it will show up in the right-hand corner of your main Bill Pay screen. 

To enroll you will need to know your login information for that payee’s website where you have the option the pay online. 

If you don’t currently pay online you will have to set that up on the website or pay site of who your payee is for, then can proceed with the eBill enrollment process. 

Click the ‘add payee’ box at the top of the payments page on your online banking. 

This will show you step by step how to add the new payee. 

Always remember to use your most recent bill to ensure you have the correct account information entered when adding the new payee. 

Once you’ve successfully logged in choose Bill Pay, look for My Account, choose Pay from accounts, next click Add account. 

Next you must enter an account nickname and enter the account number twice to verify, then you choose the account type and submit the information. 

Review the information and submit, if everything is complete you will see an “account successfully added” message display. Please allow up to three business days for processing. 

Once you’ve successfully logged in choose Bill Pay, click on My Account, look for Notifications and click on View alerts. 

You will see the list of available Alerts, you may choose to receive via email, mobile or both. Be sure to click on Update to accept the changes. 

By clicking the ‘Minus’ icon next to the payee's name, it will hide the payee from your payments screen. 

This will not cancel any scheduled payments or notifications for the payee that has been hidden.