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ChoiceOne's Plinqit Users Save More Than $1 Million

ChoiceOne Bank has helped customers save more than $1 Million with Plinqit, the only savings platform of its kind that pays users for learning about personal finances.

Plinqit, developed by HT Mobile Apps, improves users’ financial literacy through its patented Build Skills™. Users can take a quiz and get rewards added to their savings goal. Customers securely link their Plinqit account to their checking account, set a savings goal and automatically set aside a small amount of money at a schedule they choose. This out-of-sight-out-of-mind savings helps users continue to save without temptation to withdraw before reaching their goal and the ChoiceOne Bank is seeing real results.

Since launching Plinqit, ChoiceOne has grown total Plinqit users month-over-month, resulting in an average savings goal of $1,300 per account. After the Bank offered a new feature allowing users to save towards multiple goals, it has seen users create emergency funds as well as vacation funds. In fact, many of ChoiceOne’s customers have already reached their initial goal, with the majority (nearly 80 percent) creating new goals to continue saving.

“We are excited to have helped our customers save more than $1 Million,” said ChoiceOne COO Adom Greenland. “Customers love Plinqit. They continue to keep saving and engaging because of the rewards and a great user experience. We’re committed to helping our customers reach their goals. Plinqit has fostered stronger relationships, evidenced by the number of account openings and the amount we have helped our customers save.”

“When we created Plinqit, we wanted it to be more than an attractive digital offering for financial institutions, it needed to help people feel empowered and improve their financial literacy,” said HT Mobile Apps Founder and Chief Executive Officer Kathleen Craig, and creator of Plinqit. “The results ChoiceOne has achieved proves the purpose behind Plinqit is working and working well. ChoiceOne and their customers using Plinqit have taken full advantage of Build Skills™ which allows institutions to provide relevant financial insights and information that helps and rewards these engaged savers.” 

About Plinqit

Plinqit is a brandable, mobile first platform that is elegant and highly powerful at the same time. Unlike any other savings platform on the market, its patented Build Skills™ pays users for engaging with content, creating higher user engagement for financial institutions. Created by Millennials for Millennials, Plinqit helps financial institutions connect with this important demographic in a meaningful, relevant way – bringing together digital customers, FI’s and savings in one beautiful place. For more information, visit

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